Wood and Resin Wrist Rest
Wood and Resin Wrist Rest
Wood and Resin Wrist Rest
Wood and Resin Wrist Rest
Wood and Resin Wrist Rest

Wood and Resin Wrist Rest

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Handcrafted from high quality Teak and Mango wood and featuring intricate resin designs symbolizing fluidity, this angular wrist rest provides you with excellent ergonomic support and maintains maximum comfort for your long hours at the desk.

These artisanal wrist rests are made with a straight, coarse grain and finished with a coat of solvent resistant polish, so you can glide your hands effortlessly across the smooth surface while typing.

Our wrist rests come in 2 designs and keyboard sizes: Compact (60%/75%) and Tenkeyless (87%)

Note: As these wrist rests are handcrafted individually by our in-house artisan; the grain and resin pattern will vary from the pictures shown in this listing. Every wrist rest is exclusively unique to its owner!


  • 2 sizes: 
    • Compact (60%) 29cm x 8cm 
    • Tenkeyless (87%) 36cm x 8cm 
  • Thickness: 20mm
  • Material
    • Storm - Teak Wood
    • Bars - Mango Wood
  • Smooth, solvent-resistant polish for surface protection
  • Easy-clean surface (simply use damp cloth to wipe)
  • 1 year warranty from date of purchase


Why do I need a wrist rest?

Proper positioning of your wrists is extremely important if you’re gaming or typing for long hours.

A good wrist rest will reduce the strain and potential long-term effects of unnatural bending and awkward angles that may cause irreparable damage to your wrists over time.

Additionally, a unique wrist rest looks great and can complement your overall setup.