Kirin v2

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Bluetooth 5.1 + USB C
Plate & Casing
Aluminum + ABS
Doubleshot PBT
Bluetooth Compatibility
Windows, *Mac, *iOS, Android
360 x 134 x 35mm
PCB Material
Double-sided fiberglass
Hotswappable PCB
Battery Size
2700 mAh
Foot pads
Anti-skid rubber
Tilt Angle
Built in

*Do note that although the Kirin v2 is compatible with Mac and iOS, the keyboard will still remain in a traditional windows layout. However, you are able to switch some of the keys around.

This product is covered by the Tempest Limited Warranty. The terms of the Tempest Limited Warranty may be found here:

What layout does the Kirin v2 come in?

The Kirin v2 comes in a 87-key, tenkeyless (sans numpad) layout.

What’s the typing angle and typing height of the keyboard?

The keyboard’s height (wrist side) is at 20mm and the typing angle is 8 degrees.

What stabilizers are being used in the Kirin v2?

The Kirin v2 comes with original Cherry plate mounted stabilizers. The stabilizers are factory lubed and clipped.

Are there other switches available for the Kirin v2?

Unfortunately, we only have 6 switches available currently. More to come soon!

Is the Kirin v2 a wireless keyboard?

Absolutely! The Kirin v2 is a dual-mode mechanical keyboard that is able to connect to your devices in wired/wireless modes.


Usage FAQ

How do I connect the Kirin v2 via Bluetooth?

1. Turn on the power switch at the back of the Kirin v2.

2. Press Fn + Tab to toggle from wired mode to wireless mode.

3. Press Fn + Q/W/E to open up a profile on the Kirin v2 to prepare your device for pairing.

4. Press Fn + P (hold for 3s) to initiate the pairing process. The ‘P’ Key should flash at this step.

5. Go to your device’s Bluetooth settings and search for “Tempest - Kirin v2”.

6. Pair the Kirin v2 to your Bluetooth device and you’re good to go!


What type of switches can I fit on the keyboard?

The Kirin v2 is compatible with any 3 or 5 pin MX-stem mechanical switch.

How long can I use the Kirin v2 wirelessly on a single, full-battery charge?

The Kirin v2 is able to last between 17 - 108 hours wirelessly on a single, full charge.

As usage patterns (such as RGB lighting and brightness levels) differ between users, your mileage may vary.


How do I switch from Windows to a MAC layout on the Kirin v2?

Simply press Fn + S to switch from Windows to Mac mode. And to switch back to Windows Mode, press Fn + A!

In Mac mode, your keys will change accordingly:

Left Alt -> Command
Win Key -> Option
Right Alt -> Command
App key -> Option

For any other questions regarding keyboard shortcuts or functions, please refer to the User Manual here!