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Spice up your keyboard with our doubleshot ABS keycaps in a myriad of
colors meant to stimulate your eyes
(and your friends’).

These keycaps were made from ABS plastic with a doubleshot crafting process to
keep them from wearing out from prolonged use. Longevity will never be an
issue with these babies.

Please note that this product contains ONLY the Keycaps! Keyboard and Numpad not included.

  • 104-Standard ANSI layout keycaps  
  • Cherry MX compatibility
  • Doubleshot ABS 
  • Friction and Solvent Resistant
  • No Warping
  • Tai-Hao Cubic Profile

Box includes: 2 x Keycap Puller


Do leave us a note if you would like for us to swap the keycaps for you when you purchase a Keyboard together with any keycap set!

Do not worry, we will return the Keyboard's original keycaps to you as well.

Don't just take our word for it!