Using Kirin v2

Need help with your Kirin v2 keyboard? We're here to help!

1. Ensure that the Kirin v2 is switched on (Power switch is located at the back of the keyboard.)

2. Switch to Bluetooth Mode (Fn + Tab). Your Kirin v2 keyboard will flash 3 times as an indication of the successful mode swap.

3. Select the preset to save the Bluetooth mode to (Fn + Q, Fn + W, Fn + E). Your Kirin v2 keyboard will flash 3 times as an indication of the successful profile selection.

4. Press and hold Fn + P for 3 seconds (The 'P' key will start flashing)

5. Search for the Tempest Kirin v2 on your Bluetooth device

6. Upon Successful connection, the 'P' Key will stop flashing

You can download the Kirin v2 User Manual, click here!

At times, the Kirin v2 will show up as 'Bluetooth Keyboard'/ 'Wireless Keyboard' on your Bluetooth device because the drivers are not installed yet.

Don't worry though! After the first connection, it will always appear as 'TEMPEST - KIRIN v2'

Not to worry! For you Mac users out there, we've got you covered.

Simply press 'Fn' + 'S' to change your Kirin v2 to a MAC layout.

Simply press 'Fn' + 'A' to change your Kirin v2 back to the Windows layout.

This is a function to lock the Windows Key so that it is not accidentally pressed (For you gamers out there!)

Simply press 'Fn' + Windows Key to change it back and forth.

The LED light below WIN key will become white when locked.

A green light below the spacebar indicates charging.

Not to worry, it will go away once the keyboard is charged.

A red light below the FN key indicates that the keyboard is at 10%

It's time to recharge your keyboard!

Simply press 'Fn' + Spacebar for 3 seconds to reset it back to factory settings!

1. Ensure the Kirin v2 is connected to your computer.

2. On your Mac, select Apple menu > System Preferences. Click Keyboard. Next, select the Keyboard tab.

3. Select “Use F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys.


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