The Tempest KIRIN. Named after a mythological beast from East Asian folklore known for its swiftness and grace, Tempest wants to invoke a feeling of speed and fluidity whenever you use this keyboard. 


Ultra Durable Shine Resistant PBT Keycaps

Manufactured with PBT thermoplastics, the premium matte finish on each keycap keeps the KIRIN looking brand new even after rigorous usage.




Sensibly Ergonomic Form Factor

Tenkeyless (TKL) boards offer more room for your arms to be rested in a natural, centered position. The KIRIN’s form factor enables correct posture and reduces unnecessary strain on your wrist and shoulders.


Gold Standard Cherry MX Switches

These high-quality, German manufactured key switches have withstood the test of time and are recognized as the industry standard for both gamers and typists worldwide.


Cherry MX Blue Cherry MX Reds Cherry MX Browns
Actuation Force 60g 45g 55g
Actuation Point 2.2mm 2mm 2mm
Switch Type Clicky Linear Tactile
Feel Click when the switch is actuated Free of any interference from tactility Small tactile bump that provides resistance
When this color? Primarily typing Gamers looking for fast action with minimal resistance A preferred choice for developers, writers

Learn more about our switches here! :


Extreme Portability

Plug and play anywhere. Setting up is easy and fuss-free with the detachable USB-C cable available.


Individual LED-backlit Switches

The KIRIN comes with individually backlit white LED switches, allowing you to select your desired brightness levels and toggle between 7 preset light patterns.



Seamlessly Wireless

The KIRIN has an onboard memory which allows users to connect and save up to 3 device pairings simultaneously via Bluetooth.




Switches Cherry MX Mechanical Switches
Connection Bluetooth 3.0 + USB
Plate & Casing SECC + ABS
Keycaps PBT
Printing Dip-dyed laser engraving
Bluetooth Compatability Windows, *Mac, *iOS, Android
Dimensions 364 x 137 x 39mm
Weight 1.0KG
PCB Material Double-sided fiberglass
Battery Size 1850 mAh
Foot pads Anti-skid rubber
Tilt Angle
Anti-Ghosting Built in
*Do note that although the Kirin is compatible with Mac and iOS, the keyboard will still remain in a traditional windows layout.
*However, you are able to switch some of the keys around. Please refer to our FAQ to find out more!

You can download the User Manual here:


Don't just take our word for it!





How do I pair my Kirin via Bluetooth to other devices?
1. Ensure that the Kirin is turned on (Switch at the back)
2. Switch to Bluetooth Mode (Fn + P)
3. Select the preset to save the Bluetooth mode to (Fn + Q, Fn + W, Fn + E)
4. Press and hold Fn + P for 3 seconds (The 'P' key will start flashing) 5. Search for the Tempest Kirin on your Bluetooth device
6. Upon Successful connection, the 'P' Key will stop flashing
I'm unable to find the Tempest Kirin on my Bluetooth device At times, the Kirin will show up as 'Bluetooth Keyboard'/ 'Wireless Keyboard' on your Bluetooth device because the drivers are not installed yet. Don't worry though! After the first connection, it will always appear as 'Tempest - Kirin'
How do I swap my Kirin to a MAC Layout/td> Not to worry! For you Mac users out there, we've got you covered.
Simply press 'Fn' + 'S' to change your Kirin to a MAC layout
How do I swap my Kirin back to a Windows Layout Simply press 'Fn' + 'A' to change your Kirin back to the Windows layout
My left Ctrl and Caps lock has been swapped! What do I do? Not to worry! This is a function to swap the left Ctrl and the Caps Lock Key (For you Ubuntu and Linux users out there).
Simply press 'Fn' + 'Caps Lock' to change it back and forth.
My Windows key is not working! This is a function to lock the Windows Key so that it is not accidently pressed (For you gamers out there!)
Simply press 'Fn' + Windows Key to change it back and forth
How do I reset my keyboard to factory settings? Simply press 'Fn' + Spacebar for 3 seconds to reset it back to factory settings!
Which is the 'Fn' Key on my Kirin Crayon? The 'Fn' Key is printed as the Game controller icon on the Kirin Crayon as shown:  

This product is covered by the Tempest Limited Warranty. The terms of the Tempest Limited Warranty may be found here: