Our Story

If you spend roughly 4 hours a day typing away on your keyboard,

you would have spent 1460 hours a year on this activity.

That’s almost 61 days a year. Much more if you’re into video games. (Yeah…WFH…sure…)

Being gamers ourselves, we had the desire to upgrade the general user experience and introduce more people to the benefits of a mechanical keyboard well suited for everyday use.

But the world of custom mechanical keyboards can be technical and filled with jargon. Not very beginner friendly.

Here at Tempest, we’re committed to making sure your long hours of typing at work and play feel awesome – by focusing on the things that matter most.

How your keyboard should feel, look, and sound.

Whether you’re a writer or professional gamer, do the things you love - creatively and productively with an experience that is just your type.

Ben & Issac
Co-Founders @ Tempest